The Brand

What does Hepos mean to us?

On every epic journey, a man’s or woman’s destiny is determined by their dedication, resolve and commitment. For every legendary hero, there is always a personal item that is unique and fused with that person’s virtues. When we envisioned the idea of Hepos, we wanted something unique. Something, which would respect our personal taste and that of our customers. Not another boring piece of jewelry destined to be worn once and then stay forgotten in the drawer. Something that can reflect these ideas. So this is why we use materials and craftsmanship of extraordinary quality. Fire, stone, metal and leather. These are the materials upon which heroes are forged. Our desire is for our jewelry, to be exquisite pieces of art that reflect these qualities. We strive to create unique designs. It’s not about fashion. It’s not about being cool. It’s about style, expression of oneself and personal choice.

Be a part of this journey. Join us and be Epic!